DWiC (Direct WiFi Control) of Model Railways

What is DWiC...

•  The basic concept of DWiC involves the direct control of locomotives and layouts using WiFi technology. WiFi is well established and WiFi devices are cheaply available in the consumer market.

•  The method of control is via a web page interface. The page is stored within the item controlled and so can be customised for that item.

•  This web page is loaded and displayed by the operator application which in turn can modify the locomotive or layout controllers operation by pressing buttons on that web page.

•  The system can run on existing layouts that are DC or DCC powered.

•  The DWiC content on this page has been placed in the public domain for all to use.


1. DWiC System Description and Specification Download PDF

2. Introduction to ESP WiFi Server Hardware and Software

3. DWiC mobile 1 - the first protype

3. DWiC mobile 2 - under development

4. Conceptual DWiC App (under constant development)

5. DWiC Manufacturers